Zhejiang Huitai building Special Engineering Co., Ltd. was established at the end of 2010, its application qualification was passed by competent department in 2011, and it is the first enterprise obtaining “structural reinforcement” qualification issued by competent construction department in Jinhua area. It mainly engages in the structural reinforcement in construction safety area, and it perfects itself in pasting carbon fiber, bonding steel, embedded steel bar, waterproofing and leakage-preventing, and other series of technology. We will be committed to Jinhua and radiate to the whole province and the whole country.

Zhejiang Huitai building Special Engineering Co., Ltd. is a company mainly engaging in professional reinforcement design and construction. [Hui] means it gathers a group of young and innovative outstanding professionals of design, construction, and management, who aim to solve the structure security problem in the building field that is weightier than Mount [Tai], at the same time, the mission of our enterprise is “to create a permanent security environment for residence or commerce of human society”. We follow the principle that behaving with good faith, work seriously, customers utmost and safety first. For this reason, all the colleagues of Huitai are willing to make special and extreme efforts without protest, and we will ensure the persistent safety of all the customers with the quality brands of “Huitai”.

Zhejiang Huitai building Special Engineering Co., Ltd. is a young company consisting of young members who are brave in innovation and exploitation. It takes “innovating with technology, and serving the country with business establishment” as the guiding ideology of enterprise, pursues the principle of paying equal attention to economic benefits, social benefits, and customer credibility. Conscientiousness and social prestige are our foundation to make a living. Huitai demonstrates its youth and vitality outwards after establishment, and it attracts more excellent persons to join with its leading technology and modern concept. Huitai is only a business company in the market competition, but, in the tide of market, we also stress on orders of competition and specification of market. We participate in the competition with our own high value and high technology, but we are not willing to participate in the price war that is not good to customers. Creating customer price is the core of our business, treating customers with true feelings is our consistent pursuit. Huitai people adhere to "fairness, justice, tolerance, creation, and dedication", and we are willing to carry out mutually connected and beneficial cooperation with all the customers, design units, real estate development companies, construction enterprises, testing agencies, and all the other partners.

Huitai believes that in the entire strengthening industry in China, it makes the greatest efforts and does the best. It is not, however, our proud capital, it is just the reason for the survival of our enterprise. We will make enterprise become the pride of the nation, have the courage to take more social responsibility, and bring more happiness and safety for human and the society.